The Story of an Adventure Bike Ride.

In March 2018 we set off on a cycling tour from Europe to South East Asia.

The rough plan was to head east but we never had a goal or final destination. We enjoyed one day at a time and 10 months later, we had cycled 9200km through 14 countries and arrived in Phuket, Thailand.

It has been the greatest adventure of our lives and the best education we could ever give our son.

We have visited so many of the worlds greatest sights and attractions, but what made this trip special, was all the kind, friendly and hospitable people we met along the way.

We documented the trip with daily movie updates. There are now 250+ short movies that are freely available on our Lets-Go-Biking.com Facebook and YouTube channel.

The Story of an Adventure Bike Ride - Trailer

The Story of an Adventure Bike Ride - 30 Minute Movie Edition

Who are we?


We have been making daily video updates right from the very start. Our Lets-Go-Biking.com FaceBook page was the main platform we used to share the daily movies as we were on the tour. There are now over 250+ video blogs that are freely available. Thanks to everyone that followed the tour live and welcome to anyone watching after we return.

The movies from our daily FaceBook updates are in progress of being uploaded to the Lets-Go-Biking.com YouTube channel. They are grouped into playlists which makes them easier to access than on FaceBook. Choose which part of the world you are interested in or just start from part 1 and enjoy the tour one day at a time, as we did.

Below is a sample of some of the highlights.

On the 3rd March 2018 we left Denmark and drove to the start in Zadar, Croatia. Mette's parents drove us in their car with our bikes and luggage. Europe was still in a very cold winter and there was snow and ice for the majority of the journey.

Then on the 7th March we said goodbye to Mette's parents and set off on our bicycles. For the first six weeks we followed the Balkan coast through Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece. Our favourite country on the first leg was Albania. This is where we met true kindness and hospitality for the first time. On the way down we visited many interesting places including Split, Mostar, Dubrovnik and Kotor. The first leg of the tour ended in Athens where Mette's parents joined us for a few days. Read more....

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"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance, you just keep moving".

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